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Q. Do you have any payment plans so someone can pay for items they may wish to buy in installments?

A. If you create a account you can use our gift voucher system to buy vouchers and just add a message that you would like the credit to be added to your account, we will then add the gift voucher amount to your account and once you have saved enough you can then use your account balance or send us a email to - to let us know that you wish to use that balance to pay for any item you are interested in buying.

Q. Do you take bulk orders from clubs, and if so do you give a discount?

A. Yes, we not only take bulk orders from clubs we are also happy to take bulk orders  from individuals and we

offer a discount of 10% to clubs for bulk orders if they provide evidence they are a club and there order totals over £300, and a £10 discount to individuals who order totals over £250.

Anyone wishing to take advantage of these offers can use these codes at our check out. -

10% Off Club Bulk discount code - bulkclub

£10 Off Bulk individual code - bulkin

Q. Do you offer any other discounts?

A. We also offer students, OAP's and Armed Forces a £5 discount on all orders over £50.

Anyone wishing to take advantage of this offer can use these codes at our check out. -

£5 off Student discount code - student5

A. We also have a further discount if your order exceeds £200.01 within the U.K. where your P&p will automatically become free at our checkout.

A. In addition to the above discounts we also offer at 5% courtesy discount to clubs who's website supports a link to this website. Anyone wishing to take advantage of this discount please ask your clubs web master to add a link to this website and then contact us with the url that the link can be found at and we will give you a discount code to give to your players to use on our web shop checkout.

WARNING - If these codes are used with an order you will be asked to provide proof of entitlement to the discount which you must provide, or your order will be refunded and cancelled.

Q. What qualifies as a bulk order?

A. An order qualifies as bulk if their order totals over £300 if a club order, and over £250 if an individual.

Q. Do any of your discount codes stack?

A. None of the above discounts stack except in the case where an order exceeds £200.01 where one of the discount codes will stack with our free postage discount.

Q. Why When I place an order often I find I have to wait a short period why can I not  have it sent out immediately?

A. Because at very little we sell is imported. Most of the items  are made to measure and hand made in the U.K. and as we have so many options on our website it would take an  enormous warehouse if we were to keep a stock of each item at all times. So most of the time we will have an item  in stock but some times we have to have it sent direct from the warehouses, and occasionally we have to make the  item especially for you, but to offer you the best possible service we will always answer any questions you have  about your order clearly and quickly, and to our utmost to keep to our promise that no order will ever take longer that 28 days to be dispatched.

Q. What then is the difference between Custom Costume Service and the other items on the  website?

A. The difference between them is, the Custom Costume Service will require a full set of  body measurement's just so we can get the item to fit just right. It also allows you much more artistic control over your costume. The costume in the other sections is all designed to only require a minimal amount of body measurements.


Terms Used on this Website

Abbreviation GRP (used when talking about weapons)

Explanation Glass Reinforced Plastic - recently this substance has been found to be an ideal  core for weapons, it is more durable than carbon fiber rods and less prone to breakage and shattering, but is slightly  more heavy, still many people still prefer the original carbon fiber cores due to them being lighter and more easy to  wield so we supply both but mark all weapons with what there core they contain.

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