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About Us


In 2004 Gemini started a small company called Adventurer’s Mart whose ethos was to provide a supermarket style shopping experience but with quality costume and props for the live action role play (LARP) market. After trading at numerous events Adventurer’s Mart was renamed in 2014 and became Gem’s Trading Co.


To this day Gemini makes all manner of character cloth costume and leather work and props. All custom-made pieces are unique and, in most cases, lovingly hand made in the U.K. We also sell a vast range of products produced by U.K. crafters within the hobby that have all been carefully chosen for their quality and durability, and many other items of interest such as archery ammunition, make up and much more can be found both on our stall and on our website.


Gem's Trading Co trades at most Curious Pastimes events, Empire events, Lorien Trust events plus many others and across the internet via our web shop - www.LarpGems.Com

Meet The Staff

Gemini Locke (Aka. Gem).

Gem founded Gem’s Trading Co as Adventurer’s Mart in 2004, Gem runs and maintains the business’s web shop – www.LarpGems.Com as well as dealing with customer service communications, parcelling and posting out orders, bookkeeping, selling on our stall at events, driving, and if there is any time left after all that making costumes, jewellery and other fun bits and bobs. Gemini is a great person to ask if you have any questions and loves a good chat!


Harmony Locke (Aka. Harm’s, Hamster, Hermaner).

Harmony (Gemini’s Daughter) has worked at Gem’s Trading Co on and off since she was a small Larp adventurer and so is also Gem’s longest employee, Harmony now runs Hemlock FX from the Gem’s Trading Co tent at live events where Harmony is happy to offer a professional solution for all your sfx make up needs, a huge lover of all things that glow and glitter Harmony can often be recognised by her cheerful demeanour and will most times been found trading in her own booth within the Gem’s tent.


Kevin Hazelden (Aka. Kev).

Kev (Gemini’s Partner) owns and runs Hack & Slash a larp prop making company that has run for over a decade, Kev is a pleasant and helpful person who can be found selling on the Gem’s shop and if your lucky he might even make some weapons or big monster costumes for you.


Charlie Rivers (Aka. Charlie, Viphe).

Charlie works within Hack & Slash a larp prop making company that has run for over a decade making high quality artistic items to sell under the hack and slash name. Charlie also works selling items on the Gem’s Trading Co shop and is a very friendly person who is always happy to help.

Do you want to work for
Gem’s Trading Company?


At Gem’s we often have people work for us on our stall at events, helping us to put the shop up and down and helping customers during the events. If you would like to join our team please apply to our Face Book helpers page which can be found Here

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