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Custom Gallery

With years of experience working in cloth, leather and props we are happy to take on custom work, so if you have an idea and you would like to know how much it would cost to be made please get in contact and ask us for a quote.

We accept orders for custom tailoring outside of the festival season, if you are interested in custom costume you can enquire at any time however we can only build it between the beginning of October to the end of April, you can contact us via email at -

Doublet, jacket

We also offer a custom heraldry embroidery service please feel free to contact us about this service to further discus your requirements.

There are many ideas and techniques we have had to employ to get the right effects over the years, through years of practice we have achieved many tailoring techniques that provide a simply beautiful finish.

Embroidered dragon

We always prefer to ask for a picture to illustrate what you are looking for, it makes it so much easier to create what you want if we know what you are thinking of, however this is not completely necessary, simply a good description will often do. Of course we do require for people to send us a set of there measurements, Please remember when taking measurements it is very important to make sure they are accurate so your finished piece fits you well, all information given to us is kept confidential and impartial.

Bellow you will find a gallery of some of the commission custom work we have completed in the past.

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