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Here are some links to other L.A.R.P. Related sites.
Please note that these are external websites and so we are not responsible for their content or upkeep, all links open in a new window.
If any of the links on this page fail to work, or you would like us to put a link to your website on this page, please contact us at with the address and a short description of your organization.
Wikipedia - The definition of live action role-play (LARP) and lots of useful and interesting information.

Hack & Slash - Hack and Slash is a professional prop and l.a.r.p. weapon making company run by Kevin Hazelden from the Gem's Trading Co Tent at most live events, Hack and Slash has been creating larp weapons and props for well over a decade.

Hemlock FX - Hemlock FX is a professional sfx company run by Harmony Locke from the Gem's Trading Co Tent at most live events, Hemlock fx offers professional solutions for all your makeup needs.

Herofest - Herofest larp organise and run larping Festival live action role playing weekends.

Beyond Ragnarok LARP - Beyond Ragnarok is a Fest-style Fantasy-based Viking game set in the Dark Age era, inspired by real-world Norse mythology and the unanswered question: what happened next? held at Bipsham hall Wigan.

Labyrinthe Larp Club - Labyrinthe is a high fantasy club style larp system based in Chislehurst Caves in Kent.

Orion Sphere Lrp - Orion Sphere LRP is a science fiction live role play game set in the distant future, being run in the Midlands.

Steam Weave - a new Gothic Horror larp system featuring a blend of Medieval High Fantasy and Victorian era Steampunk. being run in Staffordshire.

Profound Decisions  - LARP Company that runs multiple Systems including Empire.

The Neothera Saga - A high fantasy LARP system with seam punk elements.

Curious Pastimes - A long standing high fantasy LRP system within the UK running festivals throughout the summer.

Forever's Destiny - High fantasy LRP Club based in Manchester.

Heroes & Heroines - High Fantasy LRP system, based in the West Midlands.

Lorien Trust - Large scale high fantasy UK LARP festival, runs 4 times a year with smaller faction/guild sanctioned events.

Fools & Heroes - A UK based, Live Action Roleplaying (LARP/LRP) Society

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