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This exquisite shotgun style LRP safe crossbow features a non flexible cross bar and bungee cord system with a long trigger and safety catch.


Marquetry is a process of creating patterns and designs on objects often made of wood using thin veneers or layers of materials like hardwood, shell or ivory. Pieces are cut and fit together to form a decorative flat surface image or pattern. Marquetry is an old process that dates back thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians practiced a similar process in which they made inlay surfaces, The term comes from an old French word 'marqueter,' which means to inlay. In addition to the inlayed wood this cross bows cross bar is a dark brown instead of the usual black.


We also sell cross bow bolts that are suitable for use with these crossbows - Click Here.


We also sell replacement cross bow bungees that are suitable for use with these crossbows - Click Here.


These Bows pass safety at all major U.K. larp systems.


  • Length - approximately 24 inch (61 cm).
  • Cross bar width - approximately 17.5 inch (45 cm).
  • Ambidextrous / can be used left or right handed
  • Safety Catch
  • LRP safe
  • Not more than 30 lbs Pull

Hunters Cross Bow (Marquetry Finish)

SKU: A010
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