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Gemstone circlet on adjustable black leather thong with a pewter toggle embossed with a continuous Celtic knot.


Limited Edition, since Brexit st Justin's no longer makes these pendants.


  • Black Onyx – For calm and inspiration. This stone is good for balancing the spirit and grounding excitable emotions, Great in times of stress, it also helps us to look within for inspiration.
  • Mal - Az – For balance and happiness. This stone combines the energies of azurite and malachite to lift depression, promote inner peace and understand our intuition.
  • Amethyst – For self-esteem and personal growth. This beautiful crystal increases self-esteem and relieves compulsive behaviour, it is also considered a spiritual guide as it directs us towards the truth.
  • Turquoise – is a vibrant blue stone that is considered sacred by many cultures. It gives courage, fulfilment and success. It is also thought to have healing benefits. Turquoise is widely recognised as the birth stone for December.
  • Green Adventurine – For health and well-being. Green aventurine is a great healing stone, It soothes the heart and emotions which creates balance, well-being and clarity.
  • Amber – For calm and serenity. Amber is fossilised tree resin and it is thought to benefit brain function, the nervous system and cell regeneration, The energy of amber is soothing, relaxing, flowing and creative. If worn at night it can promote peaceful dreams.
  • Diameter – 20mm
  • Thong Length – 30 inch
  • Supplied in a flock-lined acetate window box.


Guaranteed for life by St Justin's them self's, read the leaflet that comes with your St Justin's jewellery to find out how to take advantage of this guarantee.

Gemstone Circlet Pendant

SKU: J014
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