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Pros-Aide by Kryolan.


Pros-Aide is a special-effects adhesive for make-up artists by ADM Tronics.

This glue is a preparation with exceptionally great adhesion, and is used for adhering foam appliances and other 3-dimensional parts, and for smoothing out transition zones.


Use cotton swabs to apply Pros-Aide to the skin and to the appliances to be adhered.

Allow to slightly dry, and press the objects onto the skin.


If required, slightly lift the edges, apply more adhesive, and press them into place.

To smooth out the edges, use a small latex sponge to dab Pros-Aide over the edge of the appliance, then powder.


To thicken Pros-Aide use Kryosil.


To remove Pros-Aide use Special Adhesive B Remover and Thinner.


At Gem's Trading Co we also sell Special Adhesive B Remover - Here.


  • 15 ml.


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SKU: K019
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