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These decorative beads are inspired by the bright coloures and new spring shoots and flowers that represent the start of the new spring season of the year, made with light green ceramic beads, cats eye beads and silver rune beads all finished off beautifully with silver lunetta, spirals, mushrooms and a green dragonfly.


In History Viking beads were not only seen as forms of beautiful decoration but also as a way of showing off their wealth and even more interestingly a form of rudimentary currency, as metal was a more rare substance during the viking era it has been documented that when purchasing goods vikings may break off bits of metal from their beads and use them to pay for their purchase.


  • Width of beads - Approximately 12.5 inch (32 cm).
  • Beads come suspended on two pins to attach them to the front of your outfit.

Spring Viking Beads

SKU: G054
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