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From Leonardo Carbone who are known for their good quality and hard wearing costume these lovely big wool birka coats with stiched embroidery detail allong the front make an excellent finishing touch to any adventurer's costume giving the outfit a fantasy look that will blend in almost anywhere.

The Birka coat originates from the Viking era and is named after the historical settlement of Birka in Sweden. Birka was an important trading place, and the garments found there show a high quality in textile production. The Vikings were known for their skills in textile processing and embroidery, often using natural materials such as wool and linen. Their clothing was functional but also decorative, indicating the high status of the wearer in society.

The Viking Birka Coat Skadi by Leonardo Carbone combines these historical elements with modern manufacturing methods to create a garment that is both authentic and comfortable. It is the perfect piece for those who want to combine historical accuracy with modern wearing comfort.


  • Made from -  70.69% Wool, 7.39% Polyester, 7.28% Nylon, 14.64% Viscose
  • Closure: Two toggle wood buttons at the front
  • Border: Plain, subtle cotton border
  • Hand Embroidery: Elaborate hand embroidery in Urnes style at the neck area


M - Chest - 40 inch (101.5 cm). Length - 45 inch (114 cm).

L - Chest - 46 inch (117 cm). Length - 47 inch (119.5 cm).

XL - Chest - 52 inch (132 cm). Length - 49 inch (124.5 cm).


Machine washable in a gentle wash and colour fast.

1 year guarantee.

Viking Birka Coat (Skadi)

SKU: L019
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