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These beautiful hand carved viking style wooden mugs, make a great addition to any outfit, these cups have been carved from a single piece of wood making them very durable and difficult to break and them sanded till smooth and finished with a hot drink food safe wax, wood is an excellent insulator so your hands will not be burn by the heat of a hot drink, plus these cups come with a piece of thong belt loop attachment so you can take it on all your adventurers.


  • Plane Mug approximately - width - 15 cm, height - 9 cm, depth - 6.5 cm, capacity - 270ml.
  • Dimpled Mug approximately - width - 15.5 cm, height - 9 cm, depth - 6.5 cm, capacity - 200ml.
  • Price is for one cup.

Viking Cup

SKU: AE040
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